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Boards and Commissions

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To Receive a Copy of the ADA Grievance Procedure, please Email the City Recorder.

  Board of Education | Meeting Schedule
    Richard Rowe, Chair. Five elected members oversee the four schools in the City's pre-K through eighth grade system. A City Commissioner sits on the Board as liaison to the City Board of Commissioners. For full information, visit the School System's website.
  Historic Zoning Commission| Meeting Schedule
Sweetwater Historic Preservation Awards Program 2017. Entries must be received no later than April 17, 2017. >Nomination Form

The Historic Zoning Commission is made up of Architect; Historic Member; a Planning Commission member; and citizen members. They have developed the Design Guidelines for the residential and commercial historic zoning districts. This Commission is appointed by the City's Board of Commissioners and serve staggered terms.  Their purpose is to protect the historic integrity of the city and its historic homes and buildings.

  Utilities Board | Meeting Schedule
    L.D. Moree, Jr., Chair. The five members of Sweetwater Utilities Board are elected by the City Board of Commissioners. A City Commissioner sits on the Board as well. Day to day operations are overseen by Eric Hicks, SUB General Manager. For full information, visit the Sweetwater Utilities Board's website.
  Parks & Recreation Commission | Meeting Schedule
    The six members of this commission are named by the City Board of Commissioners on rotating terms to set policy and priorities for the City's park and recreation facilities.
  Planning Commission | Meeting Schedule
    James Matoy, Chair. The Mayor and one City Commissioner serve on the Planning Commission. The other seven members are citizens appointed by the Mayor. The Planning Commission has regional status within the City's urban growth boundary. The Planning Commission reviews all development plans within its region to insure compliance with zoning and subdivision regulations.
  Library Board of Trustees | Meeting Schedule
    Carrie Bright, Chair. The nine members of the Library Board are elected by the City Board of Commissioners. A City Commissioner also serves as liaison to the City Board. The Library Board establishes policy for the Sweetwater Public Library and day to day operations are overseen by Library Director Tania Rich.
  Housing Authority | Meeting Schedule
    The five members of the Housing Authority Board are nominated by the Mayor and elected by the City Board of Commissioners. They oversee operations of the public housing facilities in the City.
  Tree Board | Meeting Schedule



Special Trees at the
Sweetwater Arboretum

Six citizen members join the Planning and Development Officer, Parks Director, and a representative of Sweetwater Utilities Board in evaluating, protecting, and enhancing the City tree stock. The Tree Board is responsible for the City's annual Arbor Day observances, a semiannual tree sale, and has obtained Tree City recognition each year of its existence.

The Tree Board recently added a Certified Arboretum to Engleman Park. >Tree Board Website

  Sweetwater Main Street Committee | Meeting Schedule
    This committee is appointed by the Sweetwater Merchants & Property Owners Association, Inc and funded by the City of Sweetwater Merchants & Property Owners Association, Inc and funded by the City of Sweetwater as a private-public partnership. The orginization's mission is to improve downtown Sweetwater throught the National Main Street Organization's 4-point approach including Economic Restructuring, Design, Promotion, and Organization. The Director is Jane McGuire, who can be reache at 423-337-5976 or via email.
  Sweetwater Valley Citizens for the Arts | Meeting Schedule
    This nonprofit organization provides arts programming throughout the year to the community and in the public schools. The Board of Directors joins Arts Coordinator Jane McGuire in providing programs such as artists in the schools, community chorus, a summer concert series, and art exhibits and expositions.
  Beer Board | Meeting Schedule

When needed, the Beer Board is the Mayor and Board of Commissioners. The City allows a certain number of off-premise and on-premise beer permits within its corporate limits. More information is available from the City Recorder office at City Hall if needed.


  Heritage Museum Board | Meeting Schedule

The Sweetwater Heritage Museum Board was reactivated in late 2010 in order to continue the preservation work of the Sweetwater Heritage Museum. This 9-member board meets monthly on the 3rd Thursday at 5:00 p.m. at City Hall. The Sweetwater Heritage Museum is open Saturdays and Sundays 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. with free admission.


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