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City Departments


Mayor and Board of Commissioners

Sweetwater is a home-rule municipality governed by a Mayor and Board of Commissioners. The Mayor and five Commissioners are elected in Citywide election every two years for four-year staggered terms. Three Commissioners are elected in one election cycle and the Mayor and two Commissioners in the other cycle.

Each Commissioner is designated to be in charge of a City Department during an organizational meeting following each biennial election. The Commissioners also designate one of their number to serve as Vice-Mayor. The Board is presently organized as follows:

Mayor Doyle F. Lowe Julian F. Walton Sam Moser



City Recorder

**To receive a copy of the ADA Grievance Procedure, please Email the City Recorder.**

The City Recorder is hired by and responsible to the Mayor and Board of Commissioners. Her office also includes the City Clerk and an Accounting Clerk.

For Information on Property Taxes and Tax Relief for the elderly or disabled, please
Contact City Hall

Major responsibilities of the Recorder's Office include:

  • Chief financial officer of the City
  • Human resources administrator
  • Collect all City taxes and fees
  • Clerk of the City
  • Recorder of Commission meetings and actions
  • Repository of all official City records
  • Grant application


Mayor | Contact the Mayor

Mayor Doyle F. Lowe
Mayor Doyle F. Lowe
  Billy G. West
Vice Mayor Billy G. West
Contact City Hall

The Mayor is elected to a four year term, with the present Mayor having taken office in 2009. The Mayor is responsible for the daily operations of the City, preparation of the five-year Capital Improvement Program, and preparation of the annual City budget. He also serves on several boards and commissions as an obligation of his office. Weekly department head meetings allow all departments to cooperate and work together and often generate initiatives on needed City services and policies.





Fire & Rescue Department


Sweetwater Fire/Rescue is a combination department with thirteen full-time and fourteen volunteer firefighters. One fire hall is located in the downtown area of Sweetwater and a second is located in the northeastern quadrant of the City. The second fire hall also houses a 24-hour per day EMS ambulance service crew and a permanent on-site crew for UT/Lifestar helicopter transport.

All full-time firefighters are certified as First Responders. Public education programs and service programs for children and the elderly are important work of the firefighters. Their hard work and commitment is evident in the City's Class 5 ISO rating.




Planning & Development

This personnel also serves as support staff to the Historic Zoning Commission, Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, and the Tree Board. Much of the City's grant activity is coordinated through the office. They also administer the safety program of the City. The tourism department, led by Commissioner Sam Moser, has redesigned the city brochures, which are placed at the Welcome Centers throughout the State and at Sweetwater's Depot and Visitors Center located in the downtown historic district.

The City of Sweetwater is currently under the 2012 International Codes for commercial and residential construction (building, plumbing, mechanical, energy efficiency, existing buildings), the 2010 Federal ADA, and 2011 Electrical Codes.

For questions about building permits, Planning and Development, or other planning and development issues, please Email the Planning and Development department or call (423) 337-9678.

Sam Moser

Helpful Planning & Development Links

Joan Price



Street Department

Richard Jenkins
Street Superintendent

Billy G. West
Streets Commissioner

For problems with animals running at large in the City Limits, or for information on free pet adoptions, please contact City Hall at (423) 337-6979.

The employees of the Street Department maintain and service all public streets and alleys in the City. They are also involved with the planning and constructing of new streets and paving projects. Brush and demolition collection and disposal, streetscape maintenance and improvement, a household oil reclamation project, and animal control enforcement are other areas where the Streets Department works hard every day to improve our City.

For information on brush and demolition materials pick-up, please contact the City Garage at (423) 337-7225.


  Julian F. Walton

Parks & Recreation

Our Parks and Recreation Department has recently achieved Tier 1 Benchmarking. This department also keeps busy by maintaining all city buildings. We anticipate that the next several years will bring major renovations and additions to our parks and recreation facilities. The department is proud to announce the re-opening of Engleman Park, after the recent renovation, provided in part through a state LPRF grant, which added a new pavilion, parking, ADA accessible facilities, and a playground, designed with children ages 2- 5 in mind.

This department is responsible for the parks and recreation facilities of the City, including:

  • Baseball Fields
  • Football Stadiums
  • Basketball Courts
  • Walking Trails
  • Public Stages
  • Soccer Fields
  • Tennis Courts
  • Swimming Pools
  • Picnic Facilities
  • Meeting Rooms
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Police Department

The Sweetwater Police Department is a major force in the effort to make Sweetwater a wonderful place to raise a family.

Contact Information | Email the Sweetwater Police Department


Police Chief
Robert E. Byrum

The Sweetwater Police Department, headed by Police Chief Eddie Byrum is a proactive force in the Sweetwater Community. A captain, 3 Detective, and 16 full-time officers, 11 auxiliary and part-time officers, and a TIBRS certified clerk work diligently to keep Sweetwater safe each day. All full-time officers are post-certified, radar certified, CPR certified, and required to attend 40 hours of in-service training annually, with special instruction in their chosen fields.

Patrol Captain Gary Newman facilitates training programs, is a child seat technician, and along with the 3 patrol sergeants, helps direct the 12-hour patrol shifts. The department includes D.U.I. Instructor, Brandon Cansler; a domestic violence instructor, Sergeant John Brewster; 5 CPR instructors; 2 PR-24 instructors; a 5-man seasonal bike patrol unit; and an ESU team for tactical and high-risk operations. Sergeant Detective John Scruggs and Detective Kevin Watson head investigations; Kris King serves as firearms instructor, and several officers are certified for methamphetamine investigation.  The department is an active participant in the Meth Task Force. Detective Marty Kyle serves as the Narcotics Officer, and is available for educational presentations for civic and school groups. SPD trains and supervises the School Resource Officer team to provide school security officers in the Sweetwater City School system K-8th grades.

Numerous educational programs include bike safety, the Eddie Eagle gun safety program, several drug awareness programs, and the Stranger Danger program. The detectives head up the Fingerprint America program, which provides child identification kits for local school children.

Sweetwater citizens make up several programs supervised by the SPD. There are currently 9 participating Neighborhood Watch programs. SPD has a Citizen's Police Academy, which is a 10-week training program to give citizens an inside look at the SPD. Graduates may become members of the Citizen's Police Academy Alumni Association, which is headed by an elected President, and SPD liaison. The Citizen's Police Academy Alumni Association assists the SPD with citywide functions, such as parades, festivals, and car shows. They also assist in the organization of the nationally award-winning "National Night Out" program, headed by SPD Sergeant Daniel Johnson.



City Court

The City Court is established by ordinance to hear and resolve all citations for violations of City ordinances. The Court does not exercise General Sessions or Juvenile jurisdiction. The Judge is elected by the Mayor and Board of Commissioners and serves at their discretion. Regular Court sessions meet on the third Wednesday of each month at noon at the City Hall.



City Attorney

The City Attorney is chosen by the Mayor and Board of Commissioners and serves at their pleasure. The City Attorney attends all regularly scheduled Board of Commissioners meetings, advises department heads and the Mayor on legal issues of the City, attends City Court as needed, and represents the City in courts of general jurisdiction if required.




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